Suburban Stunner

Suburban Stunner

Background: This customer in Campton Hills, Illinois, discovered Tentinger Landscapes after the company acquired her previous contractor’s accounts. Following an introductory season of routine landscape maintenance, the customer felt comfortable enough with the Tentinger team to explore a more creative approach to her garden, which incorporated design/build services.

Challenge: While the customers’ landscape was mature enough to require regular upkeep, they were unsatisfied with how nondescript it looked from the previous landscaper’s design. The designers at Tentinger Landscapes were able to modify the prior landscape plan and present the customer with a comprehensive master plan that would achieve the customer’s goals and vision. The new plan involved multiple phases and would transform their current, typical garden into a backyard oasis.

Solution: The Tentinger team seamlessly redesigned the customers’ landscape in phases to include more interesting plants – plus a hardscape that provided useful spaces and creative design – all while preserving the natural flow of the garden.

During the first phase of the project, Tentinger Landscapes created a meandering, lighted walkway of cobbled bluestone pavers, lined by sweeping Allium and Brown-eyed Susans. Season three involved all of the plan material for the front landscape. The greatest undertaking of the project occurred during the fourth season, 850 square feet of backyard hardscape that introduces a gorgeous, double-level patio to the property — with seating, walls and a grand, wood-burning fire-pit.

The next phase of the project proved most challenging, as there was a difference in elevation between the front and back yards. Tentinger Landscapes created a rustic, stone staircase that provided access from the driveway to the backyard patio. Native wildflowers and tall copper lights highlight the path connecting the two yards. The project also includes a side-yard stoop overlooking the rich, tree-lined property.

The sixth and final phase involved a comprehensive plan for illuminating the entire property. While Tentinger had previously installed lighting within walls and steps, additional lighting was needed to showcase the verdant artistry after nightfall.

Outcome: By creating a master plan in the earliest stages, Tentinger Landscapes preserved both the integrity and consistency of the design throughout all phases. The resulting landscape and hardscape flow with seamless continuity, such that one cannot visually separate the phases of construction. Incorporating a pastoral hardscape integrated with indigenous plant life resulted in Tentinger Landscapes’ transformation of this standard suburban backyard from mundane into marvelous!