Integrating stonework and plantings in new ways.

Hardscape design is an art form, one that we are passionate about at Tentinger Landscapes.  But we take our hardscapes to another level, with a focus on design that integrates with the growing environment.  Our goal is a blending of the built and the organic in a dynamic way that creates a synergy between the two – one where the result feels natural, seems to fit the environment – and sometimes even enhances it in a way not possible without the blending of the hard and soft.

When you want stonework and plantings to combine in unexpected and artistic new ways, discover Tentinger hardscapes.

I am extremely pleased with the brick walk that was laid blending old Chicago brick and new brick pavers.

Bill Wulff

Tentinger Landscapes’ attention to detail and knowledge of their art is second to none. Their dedication and vision has transformed our landscaping to pure beauty.

Maryann F. Montgomery

Many thanks to Zack and his team for transforming our yard in time for our important event. The Tentinger company is professional, thorough, and has definitely earned FIVE stars! Highly recommended.

Ann Hudon

I was very happy with the landscape work that Tentinger Landscapes performed for me in my yard. They were very knowledgeable about types of plants, soil conditions, etc. The plants they used were healthy and beautiful. The workers were friendly and everything was done on time and on budget. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family!

Mary Huber

Tentinger Landscapes’ service and quality of work has exceeded our expectations. Tentinger Landscapes knows how to deliver excellent customer service!

Keith Herman